My Teaching method in performance art has always been linked to my performance practice from the very begining. My teaching is developed through Workshops; in them, the students get my approach to performance art Theory and Practice. Theory is presented through Semiotics and History of Performance Art. Practice is presented through the use of different methodologies in the ellaboration of a performance art piece.
Currently, I am teaching a 12-Methodologies performance art workshop, in which the students are confronted to go beyond the most common aproach in developing a performance piece, to push their limits to unlock their creativity.
My work as an organizer and independent curator, has been linked to my performance practice from the very beginning. In 1997, I curated and organized the first international performance festival to ever happen in Chile; the event was called Performare, and included artists from the USA, Ukraine, Sweden and Chile.
In 2001, I co-founded PerfoPuerto, and independent performance art organization, with which I have organized and curated 12 international performance art festivals in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay; presenting the work of more than 120 artists from 30 countries from America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
My work as an independent performance curator has been also developed in Germany, at the "Blow!" festival in Ilsede; as well as in Poland, at the 11th Interakcje performance art festival, in Piotrków-Trybunalski.
Currently I am co-founder and organizer of PerfoLink, an organization for the promotion and development of Latin American performance artists.
With Perfolink, from 2009-2015, I have curated and co-organized 13 Festivals in 4 coutries in South America, as well as many smaller events, presenting the work of over 130 artists from more than 18 countries worldwide.

Websites: PerfoPuerto / Interakcje 2009 / PerfoLink